Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Successful vigil against drone death on 3/1 in Philadelphia

A silent death walk and anti-drone vigil took place outside of the Philadelphia Convention Center last Saturday, during a well-attended flower show. Members of the Resister Sisters of Philadelphia, along with others, came out wearing black clothing and white masks to bear witness to extrajudicial drone killing happening now in Pakistan, Yemen, and many other countries. Such killing will soon be directed in part from the Horsham Air Guard Station near Philadelphia. 
STOP U.S. Drones. They Kill Innocent Civilians

Visitors to the flower show were greeted by
 eerie white faces arrayed against the walls

"Drones are controlled by human operators", a fact that belies the claims that drones are a sterile or clean method of killing.
Educating the public with some harsh truths.
This event was part of a tradition of First Saturday Vigils against drones in Philadelphia. Visit Brandywine Peace Action Community  or e-mail Marge Van Cleef at mvc@igc.org for more information about future such events, including regular demonstrations at Horsham Air Guard Station

CLICK HERE for more information about the upcoming nationwide Spring Days of Action against drones.

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