Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones Concludes at Horsham Air National Guard Base

50 demonstrators of all political stripes marched in front of Horsham's Air National Guard Base on Saturday 4/28, in protest of its upcoming conversion to a drone command center. The event, which received coverage by local media, was organized by Horsham native Sean Miller, who reported that he was motivated to action by learning that drones would be piloted from the area in which he grew up.
Protestors made a powerful statement about the reckless killing of
civilians inherent in drone warfare, but also raised concerns about
 their potential for domestic use.

As the news report notes, the plans to convert Horsham to a drone base have been generally lauded by local officials as a boost to the economy. Protesters served as a needed counter to this blithe outlook, raising awareness both about the unseen suffering caused by drone strikes halfway across the globe and about the enemies they create.

The demonstration in Horsham was joined by many across the state as well as the nation last weekend, including a protest at Hancock AFB in Syracuse, NY which brought out hundreds and resulted in dozens of arrests. Thus, the April Days of Action Against Drones were brought to a resounding conclusion that promises to galvanize future anti-drone activism.

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