Friday, February 28, 2014

TOMORROW: Silent Anti-Drone Death Walk and Vigil in Philadelphia

The Brandywine Peace Community is continuing the First Saturday tradition of holding a death walk and vigil in the center of Philadelphia with signs, banners, and leaflets to oppose U.S. Drone Warfare. 
"...Drone war is the most extreme terrorist war in history" - Noam Chomsky, September 2013

U.S. drone strikes have killed thousands of civilians, many of whom are children, terrorizing people daily in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. “Extra-judicial assassinations,” “targeted killings,” the “global war on terror,” U.S. Drones (UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) — armed with Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles — are remotely controlled, via satellites also produced by Lockheed Martin, from command centers in the continental United States, such as the one planned for the Horsham Air Guard Station outside of Philadelphia.
WHEN: Tomorrow, March 1st, from 12pm-1pm

WHERE: Meet at 12th and Arch Streets, across from the Philadelphia Convention Center where the Flower Show will be opening.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW:  Wear BLACK, white masks will be available. If you will be arriving late please call Marge so you know where people will be walking. We will hold signs and banners, opposing U.S. DRONE WARFARE and TERRORISM, and the killing of civilians, and the continuing US/NATO war in Afghanistan We will walk or stand silently in the manner of a DEATH WALK or VIGIL to bring attention to the wars and the victims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and other countries where drones are used. This is street theater, thus we keep to the form of single file, silence, masks and black clothing.

For signs and masks, please RSVP to Marge Van Cleef at 267-763-1644 or e-mail: In the event of severe weather, call Marge Van Cleef for the status of the walk.